LBJ Express FAQs - Financial Viability

Each transportation project is wholly independent from others, so the financial condition of one project has absolutely no bearing on the financial success and delivery of another. Each project has its own unique developer, contractor, shareholders/investors and stakeholders and is subject to the economic environment in which it is operating.

There are numerous safeguards built into the partnering agreements that eliminate risk to Texas and ensure that the state, taxpayers and local communities will always be protected as they continue to benefit from the creation of new roadways.

Default through the operations phase of a transportation project is an extremely remote possibility. In the event that facility users do not utilize the highway at the expected levels over an extended period of time, there is some financial risk. However, due to our extensive modeling of projected regional growth and traffic patterns on the LBJ Express and its TEXpress Lanes, we have a strong, financially-viable project. Furthermore, even if revenues throughout the 52-year project term were 50 percent below forecasts, the debt would still be repaid and there would be no default.