LBJ Express FAQs - Project Oversight and Maintenance

For the full 52 years, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) will provide oversight of the project along with an independent engineer paid for by both TxDOT and LBJIG to audit every aspect of the project.

TxDOT and the independent engineer ensure all aspects of the project are sound. This includes:

  • Ensuring that traffic is flowing through the project, with special attention to peak travel times.
  • Monitoring toll increases to ensure the developer is assessed the appropriate penalties if the toll lane speeds drop below 50 mph, thereby ensuring that LBJIG is using the price-based-on-congestion tolling model and reporting real-time numbers for audit purposes.

One of the many added benefits of a private company operating and maintaining the LBJ Express is the incentive for that company to provide a roadway that drivers really want to use.

LBJ Infrastructure Group LLC (LBJIG) will do its best to ensure the project is well-maintained in accordance with the highest standards.

Contractually, maintenance on the road is required at standards higher than current TxDOT standards. LBJ Express developer LBJIG also has an incentive to maintain this road so drivers will have an enjoyable driving experience.

In addition, LBJIG is also required to hand back the LBJ Express to the State of Texas in a pre-defined state of good repair when the 52-year lease expires in 2061. This means the roadway will be returned to the state in fully operational and valuable condition. (Texas Association of Business; "P3 Roadways; Public-Private Partnerships that Work")