LBJ TEXpress Lanes Toll Revenue and Traffic

The *LBJ TEXpress Lanes, consisting of 13.3 miles of tolled express lanes within the LBJ Express corridor, opened its third and final phase on Sept. 10, 2015. To access the most current quarterly toll revenue and traffic results, click on the performance report below.

Q1 / January - March 2021 Toll Revenue and Traffic Report


*The 635 East HOV/Express Lanes on I-635, which run from US 75 to I-30 and are operated by the Texas Department of Transportation, are not part of the LBJ TEXpress Lanes. The LBJ TEXpress Lanes are managed and maintained by LBJ Infrastructure Group, a private developer.

*Starting April 27, 2020, initial construction began on the TxDOT 635 East Project. As part of this construction, the 635 East HOV/Express Lanes (from US 75 to I-30) will close until the end of the project in late 2024. At that time, they will re-open as Managed Toll (TEXpress) Lanes).