Pricing and Toll Segments

The LBJ TEXpress Lanes feature fluctuating congestion-management pricing. Toll rates on the 13.3 miles of LBJ TEXpress Lanes are typically higher during rush-hour periods on the weekdays, and lower during non-peak periods at other times of the day and on the weekends.

Three Tolling Segments

The LBJ TEXpress Lanes are comprised of three tolling segments:

  • Toll Segment 1 (indicated in blue on the map), which bypasses the I-35E/635 interchange, begins at Josey Lane and runs south to the I-35E/Loop 12 split and north on I-35E up to Valley View Lane
  • Toll Segment 2 (indicated in purple on the map) extends from Luna Road to the Dallas North Tollway
  • Toll Segment 3 (indicated in light blue on the map) stretches from the Dallas North Tollway to Greenville Avenue

Once you enter a toll segment, you are charged for that segment. If you decide to continue to the next toll segment, you will see a pricing sign for the second segment—well in advance to help you determine whether to continue your trip on the TEXpress Lanes or exit them. When you enter the second and third consecutive tolling segments, you will incur charges for each additional segment.

Separate charges for each of the toll segments you use for a single one-way trip will then appear on your billing statement. For example, if you enter the westbound TEXpress Lanes on I-635 from Coit Rd/US 75 and exit on northbound I-35E, you will incur three separate toll charges for each of the toll segments you entered.

The map below shows the last exits prior to a new toll segment. To download a pdf of the map, click here.

TollTag, TxTag & EZ TAG Pricing

Toll rates on the roadway pricing signs reflect TollTag, TxTag and EZ TAG rates. ZipCash pay-by-mail customers pay approximately 50% more than the posted rates due to processing fees.

HOV Pricing & Exemption Periods  

Carpool drivers (a driver and at least one person) and motorcyclists can save 50% on their weekday rush-hour commutes on the LBJ TEXpress Lanes. HOV 2+ discounts are 50% off of the rush-hour rates posted on the pricing signs next to 'HOV 2+.' Learn more about HOV Discount Qualifications & Activation by clicking here.

HOV 2+ discounts are not available during non-rush hour periods or on the weekends. 

*The 635 East HOV/Express Lanes, which run from US 75 to I-30 and are managed by the Texas Department of Transportation, are not a part of the LBJ TEXpress Lanes. Pricing and HOV policies for the 635 East project are different from those of the LBJ TEXpress Lanes, which are operated by LBJ Infrastructure Group, a private developer. Visit the Texas Department of Transportation website for details about the 635 East project. 

*Starting April 27, 2020, initial construction began on the TxDOT 635 East Project. As part of this construction, the 635 East HOV/Express Lanes (from US 75 to I-30) will close until the end of the project in late 2024. At that time, they will re-open as Managed Toll (TEXpress) Lanes). 

Calculating Prices on the LBJ TEXpress Lanes

Would you like to see what an average trip on the LBJ TEXpress Lanes might cost? Click here to access the Average Pricing Calculator page.