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Need help getting to a destination by using the LBJ TEXpress Lanes? We can provide directions, detailed entry point and exit point maps, as well as an estimated price to get you there on time without the headaches of stop-and-go driving. 

Because pricing on the TEXpress Lanes is based on real-time traffic demand, we are unable to provide exact future toll rates. However, if you supply us with key information regarding a trip you plan to make on the LBJ TEXpress Lanes, we can calculate the price ranges you might pay by using past toll rates for the same entry and exit points, same day of week, time of day and vehicle class

Please note that these are suggestive values for the period and vehicle type selected, and that actual rates will depend on traffic conditions. Actual rates are displayed on the pricing signs before each TEXpress Lanes entrance. The rates also do not include special promotional discounts or the 50% discounts given to carpool drivers and motorcyclists who have activated their HOV status via Drive On TEXpress.

First, enter the street addresses in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields. Second, click on the drop-down menus on ‘Day’ and ‘Time’ to select the appropriate information to help us plan your trip. Third, click on the ‘Plan Your Trip’ button to get step-by-step directions. Finally, scroll below the map to view the minimum and maximum base toll rates, then multiply the rates by the vehicle toll factor. 

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